The Challenge

The client wanted to develop a product (mobile application) that allows retail traders and investors in the cryptocurrency market to leave their feedback and opinion on the development of different projects in this space.

The application had to run on a browser and was required to be designed for both desktop and mobile (responsive) users.

The Problem 💭

Most of the coin rankings are made by financial numbers, especially value market cap, expert opinions from non-financial advisors on social media, or a restricted group of people running a business that provides information about the cryptocurrency market.

It takes away the people’s opinion that makes up the market, and people have issues trusting themselves about financial decisions.

The Solution

Cryptoupp has a solution according to which ranking should be decentralized on a decentralized market, composed of the opinion of people who can vote and share their thoughts on a platform that makes everything transparent.

My role

• Designing a brand visual identity
• Wireframing, designing, and prototyping the web platform for mobile, tablet, and desktop users
• Creating a design system that uses components and atomic design principles
• Collaborate with development for implementation

Design overview

Homepage designed for the platform.

Responsive homepage

Web3 Authentication | Mobile

Design system preview

To design the platform and allow quick iterations or future updates, I created a design system that includes typography, colors, multiple components and variants, and spacing.