Cryptoupp Platform



Project manager, Front-end developer


UI/UX Design, Brand visual design



The Problem

It happens that most of the coin rankings are made by financial numbers (especially value market cap) or “expert” opinions from non-financial advisors on social media or restricted group of people running a business that provides information about the cryptocurrency market. This takes away the opinion of the people that make up the market, and people have issues trusting themselves about financial decisions.

The Solution

Cryptoupp has a solution where in a decentralised market, the ranking should be decentralised too, made up with the opinion of the people that can vote and share their thoughts on a platform that keeps everything transparent.

My role

I had to :

  • Design brand visual identity
  • Design the web platform for mobile, tablet, and desktop users
  • Create a design system that uses components and Atomic design principles.

More details will be published soon after the platform will be released and after approval from project manager as some details might be sensitive.

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