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Developer, Personal Trainer


Branding, UI/UX Design


March – April, 2020

Project Introduction

Wearable technology is a growing sector, and offer challenging opportunities for designers.

I have been given the opportunity to design a brand and an application which is dedicated to wearable technology (Apple Watch) and nutirition.

The initial steps were to conduct a mix of user and market research to define the brand and create an initial concept based on research data in corelation with business goals and what message and feelings we wanted to communicate.

My Role & Project Scope

I had the responsibility to create an Apple Watch application (design) prototype and design brand identity for Fitsince.

The research data was provided before starting the project, and I have collected myself additional information found online and in research papers related to nutrition and Apple Watch designs.

In the list below, myself and the project owner have defined the main objectives and requirements of the app.


Design Process

Our strategy for the product was approaching a Design Thinking process, empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and learn. Our scope was to reach, as soon as possible, to a prototype that could be tested with real users.

In the first phase we have defined multiple user personas from which ‘Lauren Smith’ below is an example of an ideal user

Multiple user types were considered, including users from different generations (that may impact their experience and knowledge of technology) other than Lauren.

Brainstorm Session

In the early phase of the design process, I have taken time with the product owner and another project member for a brainstorm session where we discussed user personas and drawn the initial sketches for the application

One important part of the session was story telling, which allowed us to understand better the user and discover different situations at home, at work or outside by creating scenarios for the users defined in the previous phase.

Low Fidelity Prototype

I have created the wireframes based on the results of the brainstorm session and further research.

The wireframes had 3 main iterations based on usability testing. This stage took about 3 weeks of working to find the best user experience and functionality. 

Visual Identity

In the design process we also included the creation of visual identity.

The logo represents a fork and knife with a loading bar to give the idea of loading or tracking.

The chosen colors aren’t picked randomly as green is often associated with health and fitness industry, giving the user a feeling of safe and trust too.

High Fidelity Prototype

The main purpose of interactive prototypes is their use in the usability testing of the product have target users validate it.

It was important to test the product before launching it in the market to foresee any issues or failures and developing it futher.

We were able to get the most out of the feedback with this prototype that is closest to the final product in its detail and functionality.

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