PAN - Protocol for Analyzing Nature




Marketing Manager, Product Designer, Data Engineer


Product research, UI design, presentation design



The Problem

The main problem identified is the elk, pronghorn, and mule deer migration patterns are modified due to short-term and long-term climate changes. The tools used for this kind of interpretation are outdated or very expensive for a scientific researcher.

When animals migrate to areas of construction sites (ex: roads), those animals are in danger because they need to change or stop their migrating routes, also the companies could lose money and resources if a population of elk, mule deer, or pronghorn passes regularly over the road (ex: vehicle accidents).

The Solution

Developed under NASA Space Apps Challenge and Microsoft Azure hackathon.

Our solutions incorporate software that uses AI that is capable of displaying and informing the scientific researcher or company about animal migration patterns using NASA satellite data, weather station data, and image recognition.

Those three types of information depend on each other and they are merged and interpreted as one result, the migration pattern.

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