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2021 – Launch in Q1 2022


The first phase of the product development life cycle was the brainstorming phase when the team starts thinking about the idea for the product.

In this step, the team already knows the user problem that we want to solve before starting the product development life-cycle.

In this step, we have done a workshop to define ideas, requirements, and timeline with the whole team including the product owner, project manager, mobile developer, and UX/UI designer (myself).



The goal in this phase was to figure out the specifications for the product by answering questions like:

  • Who is the product for?
  • What will the product do?
  • And, what features need to be included for the product to be successful? 
Role-Based Personas

The personas of the role-based perspectives are massively data-driven and incorporate data from both qualitative and quantitative sources.

The role-based perspective focuses on the user’s role with the product. 

Following this principle I have defined two roles for the users personas“The Investor” and The “Common User”. Even though they both invest, one of them provides financial advice and is getting paid for it, and the other type is paying to get financial advice and tips.

Features Definition

It was important to discuss with the project manager, product owner, and front-end developer to come up with a list of features that we would like to have incorporated into our mobile application.

We have classified the list of features under three categories:

User Flows (examples)

To make sure we cover the important journeys, we draw our diagrams from the perspective of different types of users. In the image attached can be seen three different user flows from the onboardings or new user registration.

User Stories

A User Story is an informal way to describe our software features. It tells the ‘story’ of a specific feature from the perspective of the person using it.



The third stage of the product development life cycle is design.

At this stage, I have developed the ideas for the product. I have started by drawing wireframes (outlines or sketches of the product) then moved on to creating prototypes, which are early models of a product that convey its functionality.

Visual Design

In this stage I have started doing the visual design of the mobile application, everything from typography, typographic scale and up to market charts.

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