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July – August 2020

Project Introduction

Jackpotjoy have multiple customer segments and one of them and most important are the VIP members of the website.

Those are falling into this category depending on the amount they wager from their accounts on different slot, bingo or casino games.

This group of users are seeing additional content on the website, compared to normal users. The additional marketing content that we usually produce for them have different styling compared to the sitewide content.


Moving from ‘VIP’ to ‘Plus’

One of the first factors that required this change was a decision across UK from legal perspective in gambling which doesn’t allow anymore segments that are related to VIP.

This is where it started, and before moving on to finding a new name for the user segment, we had to get started in rebranding the venture as this was an opportunity for us to update the old styling to something more modern and to fix previous issues and inconsistencies.

The decision to name it ‘Plus’ came as a company wide decision to name all high value segment of users for all ventures, including Virgin Games and Starspins to name a few. After we had the name now we could focus more on the visual identity and production.

In the picture below it can be seen a 1st attempt of selecting the logo name (Additions), and that was later changed to Plus as mentioned above.

Match Sitewide with Plus Segment

One of the main issues that we had with the previous visual identity was an inconsistency in design between the master brand and the Plus brand, as they didn’t have too much in common.

Below are a few bits of the old VIP visual identity that had to be changed.

Iteration #1

As I mentiond previously, the idea was to match the master brand which is currently using blue and white circles on the content and website.

The first idea we had in mind was to replace the circles with another geomteric shape for the VIP segment and those below were the first results of the process.

Iteration #2

The previous concept that we produced was ok and we still got good feedback from stakeholders, but it didn’t felt right and was missing something.

We took a step back to look at the whole approch and instead of trying to change the shape of the circles into triangles, we decided to actually upgrade the circles into 3D spheres in real three dimensional space.

Another change we tried was to use a different software to produce the 3D elements and environment. The software we tried was Adobe Dimensions, because of the easier user interface and system that would allow us to produce banners easier in the future.

Iteration #3 - Final Concept

In this phase we already knew in which direction we were going, based on stakeholders feedback and based on what we liked or not.

That was a good progress for us, but there were still things which didn’t make sense or were not right that had to change.

The main thing that we decided to change was the 3D software. Adobe Dimension was good and easy to use even thought it didn’t provide as much quality as Blender, but there was no way we could design everything in there or any 3D software for the amount of work we have to produce every month.

We took the decision to use Blender for highest quality to render and create scenes and elements as .PNG which later we could combine in Photoshop. That way we could create libraries of assets and create promotional banners quick and efficient, while staying on brand guidelines.

Design Offer - Reward Box

Now that we defined the look and feel, plus some of the assets required in the future for other designs for promotions and interactive promotions (the above is only one example for ‘Shore Thing’), we had to design the offer for player journey.

Offer is part of the player journey happening for new user registration when someone joins the website, and this required us to work more with tools such as Adobe XD and more collaboration with development team.

An example of the offer is the Reward Box below and the process is also shown in the pictures below.

Reward Box Design

The design for the old box design was shown between the first pictures on this article.


Offer Production

It was good news that we had the box design and concept finalised with the help of 3D design team, who did final tweaks to the model and the animation.

Now we were able to focus on the player journey below switching to Adobe XD.

Box Opening Animation

The box opening animation for the interactive offer from above for players, was done with the help of the 3D animation team under our supervision and we were happy with the result below.

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